Prices for legal counsel; legal protection Insurance, legal aid 

Legal counsel/consultation (“rådgivning”)

  • For every and each year the Swedish government decides that individuals can get legal counsel for one to two ours, for a small fixed charge. The fee (rådgivningsavgift) for 2021 is 1781 Swedish crowns including VAT.
  • The charge can be reduced by half (nedsatt rådgivningsavgift), if your finances are bad (less than 75 000 SEK a year), or by whole if the legal aid seeker is a person under 18 years of age. The State pays the rest.
Financial legal aid

Financial legal aid

Legal protection insurance (“rättsskydd”)

  • Most of home (even rented apartments and summer houses) insurances (“hemförsäkring”) and also comprehensive/partial car (“bilförsäkring”) and comprehensive boat (“båtförsäkring”) insurances include legal aid protection clause (“rättsskydd”).
  • That means that you are entitled to legal protection by your Insurance company in case of legal disputes with another private individual within certain law areas, e.g. in child custody disputes or when you claim damages.
  • Note: it is important to stress that if you have good income and don´t care to acquire a home insurance you can, as a main rule, be at risk of losing your rights to legal aid! THAT IT IS WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE ONE OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED INSURANCES!
  • Do not forget to check if you are insured by your trade union (“facket”).

We can on your behalf investigate whether your legal matter is covered by the insurance.

Legal aid (“rättshjälp”)

  • Legal aid from public funds (“rättshjälp”) is for those who need legal representation in disputes in court or other legal advice and can not afford a lawyer.
  • The State pays from 5 % up to 95% of the cost depending on your income (excluding maintenance/alimony /child support and debts). If you earn more than 260.000 Swedish crowns per year, you do not qualify for legal aid. The lower your income is the more legal aid from the State you get.
  • Thus you contribute to the cost to the extent you can afford.
  • You can receive legal aid for up to 100 hours. For very special reasons the court might extend legal aid.

We provide help with legal help application form!