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You and Your expectations are of utmost importance when you are seeking legal assistance at our law firm in Malmö!

Juratés Juristbyrå offers convenient, preventive and sustainable legal advices and other legal help!

  • Our legal services are convenient as we provide it not only in-person, but also by phone, on Skype, via e-mail or, if needed and possible, we can arrive at your home.
  • We strongly believe in offering our clients sustainable legal services that are adapted to the client´s individual needs in order to keep the client and her/his finances in good health!
  • Preventive legal problem solving or controlling of the existing one is highly reccomended to everyone who wishes to avoid big dissapointments in the future.


Lawyer in Malmö, Sweden

Lawyer in Malmö, Sweden

Why choose us as your lawyer in Malmö, Sweden? 

  • Because you want a lawyer who provides open communication and pays attention to Your case
  • Because you  want a lawyer who explains Your case in simple language and writes it down if needed
  • Because you want a lawyer who is engaged and interested in Your legal matter

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